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You have the option to start the reocrding at anytime. We recommend turning on recording only when needed when holding office hours. Once you saved the meeting, you can then scroll up to Invite Link and click Copy Invitation.

You can share the meeting invitation via regular email, Camino courses Pages or Module, as well as sending it as an Announcement. Please review and test prior to your acutal event. Video format cannot be altered after the meeting ends.

Hyperlink to Zoom Recording Layouts. Polling feature is available for all SCU Zoom uses. Host and Cohost can control the polling activity. Hyperlink to How to use Polling during Meetings by Zoom. You need to turn on the Automatic Live Transcritpion service in your Zoom Settings page outside of meeting details page prior to your meeting starts to enjoy the feature.

Please note that the Automatic Live Transcription is used for live meeting only, and is separate from the captioning for the recorded video.

You will have to turn on the Zoom Audio Transcription service separately. Zoom provides a variety of tools and settings to help you better manage your Zoom meetings. To share screen in Zoom you will need to enable this feature.

Hyperlink to Screen Share Documentation. You have many tools to help you control your attendess during a Zoom meeting. In this section we will cover what each of the options mean. If attendees drop out due to internet connection issues, they will not be allow to return to the meeting. Allow participants to use the chat feature. Detailed chat control documentation by Zoom. Allow participants to rename their profile name.

This does not affect their attendance report if you turn on the “require authentication to join: Zoom users with SCU email”. Turning off this feature will not mute all participants. However those who are already muted will not be able to unmute the microphone.

You can use the Mute All function in the Manage Participants control to mute everyone, then only invite those who are allowed to speak. Detailed Manage Participants documentation by Zoom.

Turning off this feature will not turn off participant’s camera. However those who already turned their camera off will not be able to turn it back on. This function turns off all participants’ ability to use their camera, microphone, and screen sharing. The meeting will also be locked.

Upon turning on this feature the host’s camera and microphone will also be muted. However you will be able to unmute yourself. Please note that turning on this option means all future meeting schedule will have waiting room default to on. You can customize admitting policy and allow certain group of people to bypass the waiting room. Please note that once enabled this policy will apply to all future meetings with waiting rooms. You can personalize your waiting room message to add more information.

Please note that once edited, it will apply to all future meetings with waiting room feature enabled. We recommend you DO NOT add your personal information to the waiting room message to protect your privacy. You can generate reports in Zoom Pro tab in Camino course, or Zoom website for those who don’t use Camino. Hyperlink to Downloading Attendance Reports from Zoom website.

Hyperlink to Downloading Poll Reports from Zoom website. However, we backup all cloud recodings to our Panopto video server where it will be kept indefinitely. For training on advanced features and troubleshooting, please contact Media Services.

You can also schedule a One on One Training for Zoom video conferencing client or Panopto video server. Technology at SCU. Preparing for your meetings.

Recommended Recurring Meeting Settings. Raise your hand: Whenever you want to speak, you can signal it to the host by raising your hand virtually. The host will then give you the floor to talk or ask questions. This is a great feature that prevents multiple people from talking at once. Record a meeting: You can record any Zoom Meeting you enter. Also, keep in mind that the host of a meeting manages this feature. By default, the message will be sent to a group channel, meaning everyone will see it.

You also can send a private message to a colleague by selecting their name from the drop-down menu located above the text field. Share your screen: Zoom supports screen-sharing, a must-have tool for a business-focused video conferencing tool. Additionally, you can select only to share a portion of your screen to hide sensitive data.

See also: Zoom vs. Skype: Which is best for your video calls? The meeting host will share a link with you, and all you have to do is click it. The app on your device will launch automatically and connect you to the meeting. See also: The 6 most common Zoom issues and how to fix them.

If you use iPad with a pointer device, you can also set the following below Pointer Control: Zoom Pan: Choose Continuous, Centered, or Edges to set how the screen image moves with the pointer. Adjust Size with Zoom: Allow the pointer to scale with zoom. Use Zoom Double-tap the screen with three fingers or use accessibility shortcuts to turn on Zoom. To see more of the screen, do any of the following: Adjust the magnification: Double-tap the screen with three fingers without lifting your fingers after the second tap , then drag up or down.

Pan to another area: Full Screen Zoom Drag the screen with three fingers. Show Controller: Show the Zoom Controller. Zoom in or out: Double-tap the controller. Pan: When zoomed in, drag the controller.


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Note: We always recommend recording your session to the cloud. TOPIC You can use one office hours to meet with all of your students aross multiple sections and different subjects. ON Students can join the meeting anytime of the day, even when you are not holding office hours. Students will see a please wait for host to start the meeting message, and will not be able to join the meeting until you start the meeting session ON Participants’ microphone will be muted when they first join the meeting.

ON Recording will start automatically when someone joins the meeting. OFF We recommend this option. Zoom Recording Layout Settings. We provide a few exmples on how Zoom recording settings can affect the final video layout. Self-Assigning Breakout Rooms. We recommend using this method to manage breakout rooms if you would like students in specific groups. This leaves you to create the rooms before they assign themselves to the correct room. Hyperlink to self-assigning breakout room documentation.

Preassigned Breakout Rooms. Media Services strongly recommends that you avoid pre-assigning breakout rooms whenever possible and instead assign the rooms during the meeting. See the accordion above on how to set up self-assigning breakout rooms. Hyperlink to Preassigned Breakout Room Documentation. Polling in Zoom Meetings. Polling feature is avaialble to all SCU Zoom users. Turn on Automatic Live Transcription.

Improving your Meeting Experience. In-Meeting Security Options Explained. Examples of use: confidential meetings Interview panel reviewing candidates after the interviewees leaves the meeting. Host’s share screen will take priority and will replace particpant’s shared screen. Customize Waiting Room Experience. You can customize your Waiting Room experience in the Settings section on the scu.

Please note that the changes will apply to ALL future meetings, including the ones already schedule but has not happened yet. Below is an example of waiting room message:. Archiving your Meetings. Managing your Meeting Recordings. How it works. Customer stories.

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Search apps…. Log in. Sign up. Home Productivity App tips App tips 7 min read. Create Zoom meetings for new Calendly events. Try it. Calendly, Zoom. Update Google calendar events with Zoom meeting links when new bookings are made via OnceHub. Google Calendar, OnceHub, Zoom. Create detailed Google Calendar events from new Zoom meetings. Google Calendar, Zoom. Get Slack notifications for new Zoom meetings. Slack, Zoom. Add new Eventbrite attendees as Zoom webinar registrants.

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Create Zoom registrants from new contact activities on ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels, Zoom. Click the Participants button on the host controls toolbar to view a panel of participants. Click the More button on the bottom right to control settings for all participants.

Not sure how to use Zoom Meetings? Or how to set it up? It will tell you exactly how to set up Zoom, which settings you should tweak first, and which features you need to know about. Before you start using Zoom, you have to set it up first. That means making an account, downloading the required apps, and taking care of a few basic settings. All you have to do is enter your work email address, activate your account via a link sent to you in an email, and add your name and a password of choice.

These include the app for your PC and the app for your Android or iOS device if you plan on joining meetings on the go. You can join a Zoom meeting on your PC without the app, as the software works in a browser.

For example, you can double-tap or pinch to look closer in Photos or expand webpage columns in Safari. You can magnify the entire screen Full Screen Zoom , magnify part of the screen with a resizable lens Window Zoom , or magnify a portion of the screen that stays in one place Pinned Zoom. And, you can use Zoom together with VoiceOver. Zoom Controller: Turn the controller on, set controller actions, and adjust the color and opacity.


– How to access zoom settings

After downloading the Zoom desktop client, you can configure personal application settings to tailor your Zoom experience. These remote meeting support articles provide how-to instructions for enabling and changing various Zoom application settings on your computer. Changing settings in the PWA client. Apr 07,  · You will need to sign in to Zoom. To do so, click Settings, then select your profile picture. Click the Video tab. A preview video of that camera will initially appear, allowing you to see what other cameras can be added. Where Are Zoom Settings During Meeting? Log on to the Zoom web portal. Click Settings. Keep your Zoom client up to date to access the latest features. Download Center. Managing advanced video settings; Zoom Virtual Background system requirements; Using Avatars in meetings and webinars; Previewing your video before .