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This video game got various new features with its new updates on Jun 15, date. The PlayStation 2 and Больше на странице versions each have an average score of However, the GBA version doesn’t have any arcade games, despite listing them in its copyrights when loaded. But fortunately, everything here hangs together reasonably well. Back in medieval times, the evil ghost king Spooky constantly terrorized Pac Land and the Pac People. Various clocks have been scattered throughout the level where items used to be. After completing any non-boss level, the player can attempt a time trial. And surprisingly, Namco got the camera right. Unlike the standard game mode, the player must start the level over from the beginning if Pac-Man dies at any point in the time trial. There are many items to collect in this game pac man world 2 pc download ita free fruit, the traditional dots, and tokens.