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Open your web browser and go to the Zoom download page. · Choose “Ubuntu” (or Debian) for “Linux Type,” “bit” for “OS Architecture,” and click. To Install Zoom from the #terminal: If you are familiar with #Ubuntu operating system then you can run the following commands from the terminal to #install. For Ubuntu + 64 Bit cd Downloads wget sudo apt install./zoom_amddeb #For Other Configs.

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It can be installed on Ubuntu After the package has been successfully downloaded, check it in the default Downloads folder of your Ubuntu Once the installation is finished, you can search for ZOOM in the Activities menu and open it from there:. ZOOM is without a doubt one of the best video conferencing platforms out there.

Just double-click on it or right click on it and select Software Install like this:. Do that and Zoom should be installed in a few seconds. Once installed, press the Super key Windows key and search for Zoom.

Click on the Zoom icon to start it:. It should send you notifications and let you quickly access Zoom features like screen sharing. If you want to quickly install Zoom using command line, you can do all the steps you did in the previous method. You can download files in Linux terminal using tools like wget and curl. Download the deb file using this command:. It will ask you to enter your account password.

When you type the password in the terminal, nothing happens on the screen. Type the password blindly and press enter. If you must use Zoom for work or school, you can install Zoom on Ubuntu and use it without having to leave Linux. Having options are always better. Also a movie buff with a soft corner for film noir. Zoom is a popular video conferencing software available for multiple operating systems, including Linux. It has become a go-to software for hosting webinars, creating conference rooms, and organizing online meetings.

Installing Zoom on Linux is as easy as installing it on Windows. Using the method described below, you can install the latest up-to-date version of the Zoom application on your Ubuntu system in just a few minutes. Because Zoom is not an open-source application, it is not included in the Ubuntu repositories.

Therefore we need to download the installation. We have the file now. Before installing Zoom using snap, its a good idea to update the list of available packages by running the apt update command:. It may be, like on my system, that you have packages that could be updated.

You can upgrade them with the apt upgrade command if you choose to do so. This has helpfully told us the command we need to use to install Zoom — snap install zoom-client :.

This takes a little while to run, a minute or two, as it downloads the Zoom client then runs through the install. Once done we are ready to test the Zoom client install. Note that the snap package benefits from automatic updates, on-demand rollback and data snapshots.


How to Download and Install Zoom on Linux – Install ZOOM on Ubuntu using a .deb file

Perform the following steps as root or user with sudo privileges to install Zoom on your Ubuntu machine: 1. Open your terminal and enter the following wget command to download the latest Zoom deb package: #! /bin/bash wget 2. Once the download is complete, install Zoom by running the following. Jan 24,  · Install ZOOM on Ubuntu using file. If you decided not to use the snap install you can also install Zoom by downloading the Zoom deb file. Download the deb file using this command: wget Once the Zoom deb file has downloaded you can install Zoom using apt: sudo apt install./zoom_amddeb. As before, . Jun 03,  · How to Install Zoom Ubuntu Command Line Step 1 – Update System Dependencies. Step 2 – Install Snap. Step 3 – Install Zoom. Step 4 – Start Zoom. Through this tutorial, we have learned how to install and use the zoom on Linux ubuntu using.


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For Ubuntu + 64 Bit cd Downloads wget sudo apt install./zoom_amddeb #For Other Configs. Open your web browser and go to the Zoom download page. · Choose “Ubuntu” (or Debian) for “Linux Type,” “bit” for “OS Architecture,” and click. Method 1: Installation of Zoom on Ubuntu using Terminal. Step 1: First, Update APT. First and foremost, make sure your APT is up to date. Type.