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If you set a lower FOV value, you will be able to get a zoomed-in view of your world. Check out the easiest way to fix Minecraft cannot join world error. However, you will have to act on this item in the setting menu every time you want to increase or decrease the zoom level, making the process slower. OptiFine is a mod that allows you to control the zoom in or out on your Minecraft world. It is software that needs to install on your PC.

OptiFine is a graphical mod that offers the ability to zoom in Minecraft. Improved graphics, high-definition textures, dynamic lighting, realistic water, and more are included. This mod is not available for Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition, Minecraft for mobile devices, or Minecraft for gaming consoles.

Also, check out our separate post on how to fix Minecraft not responding. To install OptiFine and apply the zooming feature to your game, follow these steps:. Follow our guide to make a Saddle in Minecraft. Minecraft now allows players to make a zooming object in the game. In the 1. The spyglass is a craftable item in Minecraft that allows players to modify their Field of Vision without going into the settings menu whenever they want to change it.

You can craft spyglass on your Minecraft craft table. Also, check how to add music bots in Minecraft and make your game more amusing. In PS4, you can also zoom in on Minecraft. To zoom in or out in-game, you do not need to use any mods. You can zoom in or out in Minecraft following some Accessibility actions on PS4. Zooming features on PS4 in Minecraft is not very user-friendly, but it is better to have something than nothing.

In Xbox One, users can use the Magnifier tool to zoom in or out in Minecraft. Follow our guide to know is Minecraft free on PS4. Also, check out our separate post if Minecraft keeps crashing on your PC. In Mac, there is an in-built zooming feature.

You can use the macOS Accessibility option to zoom in on Minecraft. Follow our guide to make Dyes in Minecraft. If you want to use the FOV feature or create a Spyglass in Minecraft, follow the earlier steps, where I describe these methods step by step.

Check out the easiest way to make compass in Minecraft. You can also use Spyglass after creating the Spyglass in Minecraft to zoom in or out of your Minecraft world. Once the mod is installed, you will see a pop-up alert informing you the mod was successfully installed.

Click Ok to close the window. Open the Minecraft Launcher. The Minecraft Launcher has an icon that resembles a grass block. Click the icon in your Windows Start menu or Applications folder to open the Minecraft launcher. Select the OptiFine mod. Use the drop-down menu to the left of the green “Play” button to select “OptiFine”. If you don’t see OptiFine in the drop-down menu next to the “Play” button, click Installations at the top of the launcher.

Then click New in the upper-left corner. Type a name for the installation i. Then use the “Version” menu to select the version with “OptiFine” in the title. It’s the green button in the bottom-center of the launcher. This launches a new game of Minecraft with the OptiFine mod enabled. Click Singleplayer , Multiplayer , or Realms. Local single-player games can be found under the “Singleplayer” option. Game servers can be found under “Multiplayer. This either loads your Minecraft game or connects you to a multiplayer server.

Alternatively, you can click Create New World to start a new game. Servers with lots of players and lots of detail may be especially slow with OptiFine. Press and hold C. When the OptiFine mod is enabled, you can zoom by pressing and holding the “C” key. Method 2. The Minecraft launcher can be used to launch Minecraft: Using a lower field of view reduces the number of objects on-screen and zooms in on the objects in your center view. This won’t zoom in by a lot, but it will make objects appear significantly closer.

This launches Minecraft. Press Esc. This opens the Game Menu. Click Options…. It’s the fourth button on the left in the Game Menu. Drag slider bar in the “FOV” box to the left. The “FOV” bar is at the top of the Options menu and to the left. Drag the FOV bar to the left to lower your field of view. This will make objects appear significantly closer. Method 3. Open Minecraft. This method works on Minecraft for smartphones and tablets, game consoles, and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition.

Using a lower field of view reduces the number of objects on-screen and zooms in on the objects in your center view. Click or tap Play. It’s the first button at the top of the title page. This displays saved games for you to play. Select or create a new game. Click a game to load it. Single-player games are under the “Worlds” tab. Click Create New to start a new game. You can join a friend’s game under the “Friends” tab, or join a multiplayer game under the “Servers” tab.

Open the game menu. To open the Game Menu, tap the icon that resembles a pause button with two vertical lines at the top on smartphones and tablets.

On Windows 10 Edition, press the “Esc” button. Select Settings. It’s the second option in the game menu. This displays the Settings menu where you can adjust your game preferences.

Select Video. It’s towards the bottom of the Settings menu in the left panel. It’s the second option under “General. Lower the slider bar below “FOV. This lowers the field of view. Using a lower field of view will make objects appear significantly closer. Not Helpful 9 Helpful Not Helpful 7 Helpful In servers like Jartex network it doesn’t allow me to zoom, I downloaded everything. What should I do? Maybe they don’t allow you to zoom as it is banned.

You should check with the owner of the server. Not Helpful 9 Helpful 6. You only need to download the version that works with your version. For example, if you want Optifine for Minecraft 1. Not Helpful 5 Helpful 8. It doesn’t. Either you accidentally pressed the zoom key, or you do have a mod on. Not Helpful 17 Helpful 5. As said: ctrl control. You can also edit this uder the ‘options’ menu. Not Helpful 8 Helpful 6. What to do in Java Edition? My sister did something and I’ve tried many buttons to undo it but the zoom in won’t go away!

It just stays zoomed in and it’s hard for me to play. Check the FOV in settings. It scales from , with the default being around Not Helpful 1 Helpful 4. Yes, there are versions of Optifine that exist for mobile devices. Alternatively, you can zoom without downloading any external programs by changing the FOV field of view in Settings.

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The most commonly used way to zoom in Minecraft without mods is to decrease the FOV (Field of View). Increasing the FOV zooms out. Hope it helps:). Step 6: When playing the game, press and hold the ‘C’ key on your keyboard to zoom in to a. Xbox One – Xbox button to View button, use left and right triggers to.


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