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How to record a Zoom meeting with this program? Free Download. Step 2. Go to the Screen Record tab, and tap the Click to record screen area. Step 3. Then click the red Record button to start.

Step 4. Tap F6 to stop recording. After reading this post, you can easily locate the folder that stores your Zoom meeting recordings. Where do Zoom recordings go? Registrants will no longer have to wait for their registration to have made, anyone can participate. You can download the recording files to a computer or stream them to your web browser. To record a meeting, choose Record from your Zoom meeting window after the meeting has started. If you enable cloud recording, you will be prompted with the following option: The computer to record or Record to the cloud with cloud recording enabled.

What you need to get your hands on a Zoom meeting recording download depends on who created it and where it was saved. But you can do it from either a desktop computer or a mobile device. In order to download a Zoom meeting recording that someone else has created and saved to the cloud, a few different things need to happen:.

You can also delete recordings one at a time, in selected groups, or all at once. There are also options to search for a specific recording, export a spreadsheet of data about your recordings, or delete multiple recordings at once. However, you may need administrator powers to use some of these features. Image credit: YouTube — Zoom. Click on the Zoom app and enter your password.

To turn off your phone, tap the Phone button. Click on the History tab to see your past. You can check your call history at the top by tapping this button. There is the same process for all of those devices that use Android or iPhones, including devices that use Chrome.



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Once you have the meeting URL, it can be shared with students by using the course announcements forum, email, or by creating a link within the course.