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This method also allows you to share without sound if you wish to talk over the video playback. Remember to disable this option once the video playback is completed as it may cause other content you share to look fuzzy.

This is a newer option that Zoom has added in. We find it useful to use when video playback is required for some brief segments during an event. Results are consistent with this method so that you are confident that your attendees view as intended.

Attendees can use the View Options menu to mute the video sound if needed. Close the player window to stop sharing. Using OBS or similar tools comes with a lot of benefit, but some sacrifice. The quality of text appears to be even more adversely affected via this method while the smoothness of the video playback detail is enhanced.

OBS allows for looping of content, playing of multiple sources simultaneously and with layers. Create multiple scenes and sources to navigate through your program with ease. Once you have adapted to using OBS, you have a lot of potential for adding interest to your use of Zoom including lower thirds and more. Now that your options are laid out for you, choosing your most practical option may be more clear. Here are some other notes we want to share with you to make sure you provide your participants with an optimal experience when you share your video clips through Zoom.

Volume that is too loud or too soft is disruptive. Use the volume control of your player to manage the volume and test in advance with others to get a good idea of where the volume is to be set. Test and test again! Volume control is one of the main reasons we prefer not to imbed videos in slides. When you open the Zoom app, always allow the app access to your camera. Restarting the program and clicking Yes when prompted to give permission can fix your camera issue. Restart your device.

Try restarting your device and see if that fixes the issue. Look for this arrow to select the correct camera for Zoom. The mute button is found at the bottom right corner of the Zoom app, right next to the Start Video button. The audio tab is on the left side of the options screen. How can I stop all the echo on my Zoom call?

Make sure you have screen sharing privileges. If you have a basic Zoom account, you can only share your screen if you have the Host status for the meeting.

The host of the meeting will need to grant you that status to share your screen. Edit your Zoom screen sharing settings. Here, you can try out different settings, including forcing Zoom to show you all your sharing options when you click the share screen button. Start a Share Screen meeting. Your Zoom meeting will start without your camera active, which frees up bandwidth for you to share your screen.

No remote control access while screen sharing. Make sure to approve the remote control request to get things working. If you move your mouse or touch the keyboard while somebody remotes into your computer, you can remove their access. Use the right device. Zoom keeps crashing. Use an alternative version. If the desktop app version of Zoom keeps crashing, try using the web version of Zoom.

Alternatively, if you use the web app version and experience crashes, try downloading the Zoom app. Close other apps on your device that might use your camera or speakers. If you have apps like Discord, Spotify, YouTube, or Twitch open at the same time as your Zoom meeting, you might trigger a system overload that crashes your Zoom meeting. Check your internet connection. If your internet connection goes in and out, Zoom might crash as a result. Record it and get it transcribed.

We do this for all of our founder interviews. Screen sharing is one of the key features that Zoom does better than any other video conferencing platform we tried. You can access Audio Settings directly from a Zoom call by clicking the arrow next to the microphone. This particular setting allows you to turn it off when entering a call you can always turn it on later —which is another helpful way to reduce sudden interruptions.

You can access Video Settings directly from a Zoom call by clicking the arrow next to the camera. Found in General settings, this option makes it super easy to invite people to any meeting, without even going through the process of manually copying the invite URL. So I set up Zoom reminders to ensure that I never miss an important scheduled meeting. You should ensure that you have the right to exhibit the music you will use prior to your event see ‘Alternative music sharing methods’ below for a method that does not require a licence.

If you’ve shared your device’s audio through your Zoom settings, as described above, your microphone doesn’t need to hear the music for it to be heard by your attendees.

In fact, your audio quality will be improved if the microphone doesn’t pick up the music at all. If it’s possible for you to connect headphones to your computer ideally without wires via Bluetooth, though wired headphones would work too if it’s safe for you to use them then you can listen to your music using these and ensure that your microphone only has to pick up the sound of your voice.

Use an external microphone An external microphone is preferable if you have access to one. It should be positioned as close to you, the source of the sound, as possible. Control the volume of the microphone It should also be possible for you to turn up your microphone via your device settings – meaning that your voice is given higher volume in the sound mix. The method to do this depends on the device that you are using but a quick Google of ‘how to increase the volume of mic on your device ‘ should help you find the guidance you need.

Improve your environment Ensure that the space you are recording in has as little ambient noise as possible and that there is no echo.



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While, we don’t have our meetings in a physical conference room, we do see each other every single day. Our daily video meeting rhythm helps us to stay. Don’t forget to hit the Start Video button once you enter a Zoom meeting. You should see the button on. By law, you are required to hold the correct licence in order to play music in any public environment, online or not. You should ensure that you have the right.