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Download game wedding dash full version for pc free



Additional offers may be presented to you when downloading our player. Learn more. My Account. FreeRide Club members only. Your job in Wedding Dash is to help Quinn plan and pull off a series of weddings without a hitch, which is no easy feat considering all the little details to take care of. At each wedding reception you will need to master seating all sorts of wedding guest types in their table of choice good luck with thatserving their 3 course meals, distributing their gifts to the bride download game wedding dash full version for pc free groom, managing the Download game wedding dash full version for pc free playlist, and putting out “fires” like a catfight between two bridesmaids, tipsy guests causing a racket and emotional relatives who can’t stop bawling.

Just your typical wedding stuff! If you perform your tasks well, you’ll be hired to coordinate more weddings in a variety of venues, such as a ballroom, cruise ship, castle and exotic island. You can also earn money with which to buy upgrades like bigger tables, more efficient staff and better food. In short, it’s hours of entertaining, перейти wedding ppc Many types of guests, incidences, venues and upgrades.

System Requirements. Download free weddingg at FreeRide Games. All PC game downloads are free to download. All right reserved for Exent Technologies Ltd.


Download game wedding dash full version for pc free


It was released on October 18, as a spin-off to the highly successful Diner Dash series of games. The player plays as Quinn, download game wedding dash full version for pc free hopeful wedding planner. In every level the player assists the couple in selecting all the details such as the food, the honeymoon читать. Once the couple has taken their vows, the player has to look out download game wedding dash full version for pc free obstacles that can wreck their perfect wedding party.

Free Career Mode, the player versiion pay attention to their clients’ wishes the bride and groom for the food,honeymoon destination, flowers and cake. The wedding planner Quinn must also prevent the bride and groom from seeing any of the disasters that could or are happening at the wedding.

In the Weddjng Reception mode, the player can make the reception last as long as possible without the bride getting angry and turning into a bridezilla. Once the bride turns into bridezilla, the game ends.

Wedding Dash download free. Nov 27, Wedding Dash Collection – free. If you like games like Diner Dash and other time management games, you will love Wedding Dash. Be sure to pay attention to the couples needs and allergies before you plan the wedding. Getting the wedding planning points can make the difference between moving to the fuull level or этo download game balap mobil pc full version free написано the current one.


Coba gunakan link alternative 2, download game wedding dash full version for pc free short linknya menggunakan adfly. Maaf, kalau iklannya mengganggu. Apalagi ada yg seri 2, 3, 4 Makasih mind Ya, gak apa-apa : Saya pernah juga mengalami hal seperti itu dan game bisa tersave data juga walaupun selalu run aplication. Kalau gak bisa juga, coba kamu download versi setupnya aja.

Semua link di atas menggunakan shortlink sebelum ke download game wedding dash full version for pc free penyimpanan filenya. Link Download shortlink dari adsafelink. Link Alternative 1 shortlink dari safelinku. Link Alternative 2 shortlink dari adf. Link yang di atas semua pada aktif dan bisa diakses. Selamat mencoba :. Hai kak, aku udah download gamenya.

Maaf kalau saya baru membalasnya. Makasih juga udah berkunjung ke blog ini : Mungkin dikarenakan ini game jadul jadinya tidak sesuai dengan spek laptop kamu. Coba kamu ubah pengaturan compatibility mode di Windowsnya. Terima kasih telah memposting semua ini! Saya sangat berterima kasih! Apakah anda pikir anda bisa melakukan Diaper Dash?

Wedding Dash. Categories Time Management. Screenshots :. Wedding Dash 2: Rings Around the World. Categories Time Management In this sequel, there are some changes from the original. The player alternates between Quinn, the wedding planner and Joe the photographer. Besides having to keep the bride and groom from seeing any of the disasters that could be or download game wedding dash full version for pc free happening at the wedding, the player must also have the photographer take pictures of the guests.

In the “Endless Reception” mode, the player must make the wedding last as long as possible before the groom gets angry and turns into Groom Kong. Once the groom turns into Groom Kong, the game is over. In this sequel to Wedding Dash, Quinn is invited by Mr. Bigger, the owner of hotel chains around the world to participate in a competition to see who is the best wedding planner, so that he or she will plan Mr.

Bigger’s daughter’s wedding. In this game, we go to 5 scenic locations around the world. Quinn finds out one of the competitors is cheating and that Mr. Bigger’s daughter has fallen in love with her photographer, Joe. Wedding Dash 3: Ready, Aim, Love!

Categories Time Management In this Wedding Dash, drawings have changed a small bit, and now you have a budget to stick to when choosing decor and cakes. In this game, Cupid has several people to shoot before the end of the year or he’s out of the job. Along with this, Quinn decides to help Cupid in order по этой ссылке him to shoot Joe, the photographer, so he’ll propose and Quinn can finally begin planning her own wedding. At the end of the first ten levels, Cupid reveals that he’s been trying to shoot Flo for months.

But at the end of 4th level Quinn gets sneaky and rejects Joe although she still loves him. The game ends with Flo falling in love with a Hamburger! Wedding Dash 4: Ever.

Categories Time Management With the wedding between Joe and Quinn off, Quinn is planning the next reception when her mother stops by. She doesn’t know that the wedding has been called off, and plans to help Quinn with her wedding. Can Quinn break the news to her?

In this game, you’ll also get to help with the seating at the Wedding Ceremony, and lead the after-reception conga line! You’ll also have to help the newlyweds find things they’ve misplaced, and in return they will give you a small token of their gratitude: a wedding present. The game ends with a surprise by Quinn’s download game wedding dash full version for pc free as he and Lynn renew their vows on an anniversary bonus level.

At the very end, Joe says he imagines his own wedding with Quinn like this when he sees Quinn’s mother and father walking down the aisle. Quinn is also holding his hand while he says it.

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