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How do I add the downloaded draft class to the rosters? – NBA 2K14.NBA 2K14 Aderito’s 2014 Draft Class


Jan 30,  · The NBA 2k14 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox , has a menu called 2K Share, where users can download a lot of extra content to the game. Options include custom teams and players, as well as providing draft classes for young people who are entering the NBA next season. Learn how to download and use this content. Dec 18,  · If you’re going to play association mode, I recommend you to download the Draft Classes and put it on your 2K14 Saves Folder. (Start with the Draft Class with the MX Rosters) [OPTIONAL] Then, download each Draft Class Cyberface Pack for each year you downloaded and put all files in your 2K14 Files Directory.



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Caldwell-Pope Trey Burke C. Hairston Joe Harris T. Wilson T. Stewart Jr. Onu D. Nembhard A. Davison Patrick Baldwin A. Liddell A. Rice A. Walker D. If you want to have sample cyberfaces for the draft class I can upload it 2k1 only if someone requested it. No current real cyberfaces have been made for these draft prospects yet so you have to wait for someone to make it since I’m читать статью a Cyberface maker.

The cyberfaces that I’m going to upload are by cfs by some other players that I put in their own likeness just for these players to have faces in-game. Maybe you can take those CFs and download draft class nba 2k14 pc free the missing ones? I’ll be download draft class nba 2k14 pc free to upload the CFs on the first week vownload February together with a much updated version of the draft class.

Stay tuned! Cyberfaces by big-shot-ROB aren’t included yet in this cyberface pack but some cfs by Monzki are included. I won’t be uploading the next update for the draft class for some time but cyberface updates may be available once big-shot-ROB or Monzki releases their rookie cyberfaces. Please comment on this thread wrong information about the rookies that you noticed so I can correct them. Is there a way to bba my download draft class nba 2k14 pc free draft file with this or am I stuck with the Draft file I imported at the start of the season.

You can edit manually the stats, and cyberfaces will be replaced automatically, but there is no way to update a draft class once you have started the season. 2j14 what I thought, but wanted to confirm.

Kind of stinks when Draft files have to be imported early and then files get updated in the second half. Oh well. Or someone could tell me a cyberface that look читать статью him? I check this thread about 3 times a day lol.

Last edited by cigarettefred on Wed Feb 15, am, edited 1 time in total. Hogg by Monzki The clxss 2. Message me on Facebook or Twitter for questions! Edited Offensive and Defensive Awareness of all Prospects. You can assign the rookies on 2o14 own to cp team you want them to play on.

This can be used on Association Mode as long as you don’t load my draft class with drsft as it will result to duplication of the prospects.

To be used in Mackubex’s draft class. Board index All times are UTC.