Can i use zoom on my hp laptop –

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HP rolls out Zoom partnership, new notebooks for SMBs and more | ZDNet.

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Yes! In fact I was doing a zoom meeting on the laptop screen. The HP Pavilion x – 11m-apdx has the Windows 10 Home in S mode operating system which prevents you from installing apps and software.


Can i use zoom on my hp laptop –


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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Is old HP desktop suitable for Zoom? Thread starter tumshi Start date Jun 2, Joined Jul 9, Messages up Reaction score 6. I’m being pressured to zooom a Can i use zoom on my hp laptop meeting.

I’ve no idea if my old HP desktop is capable. I’m not a hugely technical person, and for now I’m happy with it. I’m not sure I want to Zoom, but just curious if I lqptop. I yp have a laptop. I’d appreciate your thoughts. Joined Sep 22, Messages 2, Reaction score laptp Here are the Zoom specifications no hardware and software. So it looks like you should have no problem.

Also, there are 2 others to consider using. MS has Teams. It seems everyone is picking and suing Zoom. All require a browser as this is web based. This article covers: System requirements Supported operating systems Supported tablet a I appreciate the link and I’ve had a quick look.

Most of it goes above my head. If I say I’ve never had a microphone or a video link etc. I have 2 speakers attached, and a set of headphones to listen to YouTube and my music, and that’s as far as I’ve ever wanted to go. It’s never ise to me to converse while in my nighty and curlers. I thought that as my pc is rather uze, and no longer supported by HP, there was a good excuse to say ‘no’ to joining in on the Zoom meeting.

Am I wrong? Joined Sep 26, Messages 2, Reaction score Click to expand Joined Oct 26, Messages 2, Reaction score I am old too 60years and every day tasks getting done can i use zoom on my hp laptop, not significantly but I noticed that time starts to run away from me. That does not mean I am not open for new things.

Regarding computer: You simply have источник try what your system is capable of. My laptop that I am writing this with was originally purchased with Windows XP, however it runs on Windows 10 as fast as one can expect it. For my daily routine it is still can i use zoom on my hp laptop enough. Although I am stuck at Version with this one due to hardware support issues, it does what I want it to do. I even can Skype zzoom it fairly fluently and since Zoom is basically not that much different Zkom think – never tried it you might want to take a chance and try it.

If you don’t like it, delete it again and forget about it The decision is yours to make. Bighorn said:. I wouldn’t have a problem conversing wearing curlers IF I had any hair left. There is no problem using old for an excuse, every thing gets that way, usually sooner than we want.

I use it in a more positive way, just say that at least I can still do something albeit laptoop slower. Joined Sep 5, Messages 74 Reaction score Joined Jun 2, Messages 83 Reaction score And have used for quite a few years Discord. Mu light on system resources. UNLESS, of course, it happens to be required by your employer or educational institution, then, that’s a different story altogether.

I’m just a user like everyone else and recommending different services to people. Joined Can i use zoom on my hp laptop 19, Messages 6, Reaction score 1, I sm a fairly happy user of zoom. I began with Skype, but the requiirement that sll users needed to have MS accounts, Does that still apply?

Quite a significant difference! Last edited: Jun 4, It may have happened when Microsoft bought Skype? No idea as I no longer use it. Problem is, if I tried and liked ссылка на подробности suggestion, I have to convince my cann — mostly family – to change.

Currently none of us are suffering from lack of resources, cn even with fairly old gear Just downloaded Discord, cxn we have been chatting. Not too happy with them wanting my password with the email – none of their concern! First screen said I needed to register with email and password. I dont think i am ready to swish around with changing passwords etc, laptol fot that.

Joined Mar 25, Messages 4 Reaction score 0. Yes, you should be able to run Zoom – on that setup. As noted above, you want to get the Zoom desktop app, which allows you click a zoom link, which opens the browser, prompts you laltop open Zoom, then close the browser and continue with Zoom only, which lets you get acceptable performance from a marginal system.

Last edited: Jun 9, Joined May 4, Messages 13 Reaction score 4. I am using ,y 5 year old laptop, Dell Inspiron with Win 10 Pro, to participate in these online events, as a result of corona virus shutdowns.

I am can i use zoom on my hp laptop years old and not a genius in computer use, but I have no problem in using mh new to me technology. The only things oh I must remember to do when getting ready for a presentation is to turn on the mike, video, and sound features on the laptop, then sit back and enjoy! Joined Jan 23, Messages 27 Reaction score 1.

Using ZOOM effectively requires a fair amount of bandwidth. If you have low speed internet, then nothing you have as a machine is gonna matter much.

But most high-speed internet users can effect ZOOM. But a word of caution: While you may be able to “run” ZOOM on your rig, the quality of your audio, and video, as received by the others in the meeting will matter. Video freezing and pixelating, and audio fluctuating between bad and worse, will make you be the laptlp in the meeting nobody wants to hear from.

So it depends on your input to the conversation. Joined Jun 17, Messages 67 Reaction score 1. Lawrence Stewart Talbot. Joined Can i use zoom on my hp laptop 18, Messages Reaction score 5. I’ve been using Zoom for the past couple yse with zero problems. Oh, pardon me, I mean RAM. The Internet speed here? Compare it with a little herd of wild crippled turtles and I still have zero problems. YOU have had no problems, but what about the other attendees?

I know in our application, we have several that have low bandwidth and we have to disable their video in order to listen to their comments.