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But the changes affected the atmosphere the most. Gothic occultism was replaced by dark science fiction. Blood and dismemberment, but not gone anywhere. The story of the sequel takes place years after the events of the original. After the death of Chernobog, the Cabal cult did not disappear completely, but was renamed CabalCo. The religious sect has become a powerful corporation influencing political elites. Caleb returns as the cultists are preparing for the arrival of the dark ruler..

The protagonist also has bug spray, a black hole generator, a life sucker and 3 types of dynamite. In addition, Caleb uses a flashlight, a kind of flare gun, night vision goggles and binoculars. He restores health with the help of first-aid kits and talismans.

Other amulets add armor to him, increase the damage done to monsters, make the protagonist almost invulnerable or invisible. The surroundings of the locations have changed, and the levels have increased in size. Here you need to research laboratories, subways, offices. But there are also hints of depressive dungeons and catacombs. In the sequel, the furniture became destructible. The bullet marks do not disappear anywhere, and the shell casings also remain on the floor. In the main game no addon 4 episodes and 5 bosses.

Yeah, I know we’re making it, but that’s how good it looks. I think Blood II has a lot to offer that distinguishes it from other games on the market. The horror atmosphere alone is a big draw, but Blood II also offers other things: a highly interactive storyline with major characters and an identifiable villain; multiple playable characters; location-specific deaths and recoils; spectacularly over-the-top weapon effects; and lots of death and gore.

Also, Blood II promises to have the same high-speed multiplayer game that Blood had. The point is that it’s unhelpful to just label a genre-specific game as a clone.

A game is either good or bad or somewhere in between. Blood II, even now, is considered by many as an also-ran. But like the criticisms levelled at the first game, none of it will really matter. It’s got a promising new engine, and I for one look forward to the unholy second coming.

At the very least it’s going to be a bloody good laugh ahem. While We Patiently Await The Return of cigar-chewing ’80s throwback Duke Nukem, another sequel is waiting in the wings, promising just as much schlock-horror action. In many ways Monolith started a trend by developing a game around someone else’s 3D engine.

For Blood II Monolith have completely changed strategy and, in an effort to stand out from the crowd, created their own 3D engine. The LithTech engine, as it is now known, is not only capable of generating pretty coloured lighting effects, but also promises to give you much more interaction with the in-game environment.

Until now we’ve only been able to smash windows and small bits of furniture, and spray walls with bullet holes. With the LithTech engine, however, each element within the environment will be able to take on different properties.

Walls can be assigned specific properties and constructed from tone or wood, and consequently they will ‘react’ differently: spray machine-gun fire across a room and every round will sound distinct as it ricochets into corners or embeds itself into wooden doors. As well as working on the technicalities. Monolith have also updated the story behind Blood II, bringing in new characters to join Caleb in the fight against The Cabal.

It is now The Cabal has developed into a worldwide organisation whose sole aim is to bring about the next incarnation of Tchernobog. You choose one of the four characters and enter into a quest to stop The Cabal. Of course, being an undead rotting corpse you are purely selfdriven by revenge and hatred.

Many of the original weapons are destined to make a welcome return, including the infamous voodoo doll and flare gun.

As for new weapons, Monolith are being very cagey about the details, but they have revealed that there’ll be new enemies to blow limbs off, and ‘dynamic death scenes’. All the usual deathmatch options will be catered for, along with some quirky new ideas, but again Monolith are yet to reveal exactly what thay have planned.

What characterised Blood was its unashamed references to the great schlock-horror films of the ’70s and ’80s – zombies, rats, mad monks and dismembered hands. In many ways Blood was the game equivalent of Evil Dead- darkly funny, cheap and with a whole lotta blood. The sequel promises to take everything a stage further, and with a brand new engine at their fingertips, maybe this time Monolith will finally get the credit they deserve.

If anything, this sequel reaches new heights, with more weapons and enemies, bigger levels, a new graphics engine, and, of course, more blood. Set in the future, Blood II lets you choose from one of four characters: Gabriella, Ishmael, Ophelia, and the original game’s hero, Caleb. Blood vets will remember these four were banished at the start of the first game.

However, the different characters promise to be more than a mere palette swap: each has adjustable characteristics physical attributes, for instance that affect how you will play the game. The most striking difference between Blood II and its predecessor, though, is the graphics engine. Although the alpha version we previewed had bugs, the environments and enemies were highly detailed–and the light sourcing was the icing on the cake.

Other options to be implemented are plus one-player levels and eight multiplayer Bloodbath levels where you can take on up to 32 gamers. With 30 tools of destruction, Blood II doesn’t lack for weapons, either. Some, like the flare gun, the shotgun, and the voodoo doll, are holdovers from the previous game; new additions such as the sniper rifle and 9mm pistol round out the arsenal.

Another improvement is the reactive computer A. For example, if you shoot an enemy in the leg, they’ll hop and limp; if you hit someone in the arm, they’ll clutch the wound. At this stage of its development, Blood II looks like it could be the next big thing in the wake of big-name corridor shooters such as Quake II and Unreal.

Blood never means having to say you’re sorry. Blood’s back with brand-new graphics, more weapons, and four playable characters. But while most game sequels are bigger and better than their predecessors. Blood II: The Chosen only goes halfway. Aside from the improved graphics and new weapons, it was better the first time around. The original Blood was a very fun and violent corridor shooter with tacky B-grade horror-movie sprite graphics similar to Doom’s–but that was part of the game’s allure.

What Blood lacked in visual flair, it more than compensated for with intense action, screen-filling carnage, and wry humorit was the most fun you could have on a trip to hell. Blood II is fun to play and keeps most of the elements of the first game. However, some of the freshness is gone: Turning zombies into hamburger with a shotgun isn’t as exciting as it used to be, and some clever touches, like zombies chanting “more brains” as they ambled toward you, are sorely missing.

Blood II also lacks the clever level design of the original game as most of the stages are fairly straightforward. And although you have a selection of four characters to choose from, you play the same adventure regardless of whom you pick. Blood II isn’t all minuses, though; it does have a few strong points. First and foremost is its new graphics engine: Blood II looks spectacular with its plethora of awesome lighting and special effects.

The graphics are sharp and smooth, although when you move in close the polygonal characters grow bulky, souring the sweet eye-candy. Blood II’s new weapons are. The most enjoyable are the sniper rifle, which lets you pick off enemies from several yards away, and the flying sphere, which attaches to an enemy’s head and drills into their skull a la Phantasm. Yes, there’s plenty of blood to spill–even more than in the first game. Despite its new graphics and game elements.

Blood II pales a bit in comparison to the first tide. Most corridor-shooter fans will be pleased with the sequel, but bloodthirsty fans of the original may be disappointed. Spilling Blood is still a thrill, but it was more fun the first time. Blood IIs visuals are excellent, courtesy of the brand-new graphics engine. The environments are well-rendered, but some of the enemies and monsters suffer from blocky-polygon syndrome. The voices are intelligible and dean, but some of the various screams and other sounds of carnage are muted.

The music is so low-key you’ll hardly notice it. Moving your character is simple enough, and maintaining your various item inventories is also a breeze. The only control problems are imprecise shooting and some faulty collision detection. No doubt about it. Blood II is really fun to play. However, fens of Blood will ultimately be disappointed with The Chosen. It delivers gore and cool new visuals, but it can’t top the original. No longer content to remain a disjointed army of fanatics, they have organized a corporation to front their activities.

Cabalco, as it is called, has grown to hold global interests in every major economic market. Some join willingly, some not so willingly. They are everywhere, and they consider Caleb to be The Great Betrayer, the individual that destroyed the 16th incarnation of Tchernobog.

The Cabal has dedicated itself to stopping Caleb. Gideon, the current leader of the Cabal, referred to by his followers as “The Word,” has been raised from childhood to lead, and views the conflict between himself and Caleb as being very personal. Unfortunately for Caleb, there is more to him than just being a pissed-off dealer of death and destruction. Gideon and his Cabal will not rest until they restore Tchernobog.

To achieve their goals, they will hound Caleb to the ends of the Earth, destroy entire dimensions and bring the world to its knees. The gameplay in Blood II is fast and bloody. I know, I know, bad use of words. If you have ever played a 3D shooter before, you should have no trouble picking up the controls in Blood II. One thing that can be frustrating, though, is when you clear a room and then come back to it and someone has “appeared” there from out of the blue.

I will have to admit that I was not a really big fan of the first Blood game. I did play it for a while and it was enjoyable, but I leaned toward Duke Nukem. I do remember a few things about the first one that I was happy to see make it into the second game.

I think the flare gun is by far the funniest weapon of the game. I guess watching someone get a flare shot into them and then walking around screaming is kind of warped, but I thought it was humorous. I also appreciated GT Interactive keeping in the chance to play soccer with your enemies’ heads. Sick humor in a game is so hard to find nowadays. The graphics for Blood II are pretty close to anything else on the market right now.

As many of you already know, Shogo uses the Lithtech game engine as well. My favorite level has got to be the Cathedral. It is a level with a church in it and some of the graphics for it are quite beautiful. I was impressed when the lightning struck outside and there was a reflection on the ground from the stained glass windows. It is simply stunning. The audio in the game is just plain creepy.


One thing that can be frustrating, though, is when you clear a room and then come back to it and someone has “appeared” there from out of the blue. Drizzlepath: Glass. Caleb returns to his goal of killing Gideon, ignoring the creature problem, other than killing any encountered. Charming thought, isn’t it? Finally we have Ishmael, the token Carchmage’, who’s reliant on dark magic and is as much use in a fist-fight as a Cadbury’s Flake. Of the four CChosen’, Caleb can be regarded as the vanilla-flavoured character: he’s tough, quick, and can handle most of the weapons in the game. Download Related PC Games.