New England Patriots’ new owners are going to ban e cigarettes

NEW ENGLAND — The New England Revolution will take a page from the American football playbook and ban all electronic cigarettes in their locker rooms, head coach Jay Heaps said Thursday.

“We’re going to take a step back from our game,” Heaps told reporters during a news conference at Gillette Stadium.

The Revolution, who are 11-2 and ranked second in the East, announced the policy Thursday morning.

Heaps said he believes e-cigarettes are “a gateway” to smoking and that the new policy will help prevent them from becoming a problem.

While the Revolution have not yet banned the devices, the club will require all players to wear a face mask to protect them from the aerosol.

Heaps also said the team will also take a “breathing lesson” on e-cigarette use in the locker room.

E-cigarette sales jumped nearly 100 percent last year, from less than $1 million to more than $7 million.

Last year, a New York City judge ruled against e-cig makers, but he has since ordered the state to legalize the devices.

New England has been the only NFL team to ban all e-cigs and the Patriots have been among the most vocal opponents.

He is also the first head coach to take the step, after several in the league and at the NCAA took a similar stance in recent years.

The Revs’ decision to ban electronic cigarettes comes as the league grapples with the rising use of tobacco and other tobacco products.

Last week, the league issued an order to allow the use of e-tobacco products in all of its stadiums.

Fans are encouraged to use a mask and avoid smoking while at games, but the Revs have said the decision will remain in effect.

As the league has taken steps to make e-smoking safer, the number of players and fans who smoke has grown, and it has been estimated that 10 percent of fans use e-smoking to smoke.

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