E-cigarettes may be safer than smoking but not without risks

More than half of smokers have tried e-cigarettes since the launch of the technology in the US in 2009, according to the latest findings from the Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey.

The survey found that 40% of current smokers say they will try an e-cigarette in the future.

But it is not clear how safe these devices are compared to cigarettes.

The most common health risks associated with e-cigs are allergic reactions and respiratory issues, according a report from the University of California, San Francisco.

The study found that 70% of the people who tried e -cigarettes reported they experienced at least one allergic reaction, with 26% reporting they experienced respiratory issues.

The report said these reactions could be caused by the nicotine in the vapor and other chemicals in the product.

In addition, the researchers found e-cig users are less likely to quit smoking cigarettes than non-users, but still have higher rates of smoking-related deaths.

Dr Sarah B. Nesbitt, an associate professor of medicine at the University Health Network at Vanderbilt University, told the Associated Press that the study did not include smokers who were current smokers, but noted that more research is needed to determine how e-vapor can help to reduce smoking.

“It is possible that e-liquid may be a less dangerous alternative to tobacco cigarettes than cigarettes, but further studies are needed to better understand this,” she said.

“It remains to be seen if e-liquids offer the same benefits as smoking cigarettes, or if they can offer different benefits than tobacco cigarettes.”

If the benefits of e-products are more than offset by the risks of using e-smoking, we may not know the full story until we have more information on the health risks of these products.

“The researchers have not published the results of their study yet.

E-cigarettes have become popular among young people and smokers who want to quit cigarettes and can be an effective way to quit.

The devices can be used to deliver nicotine to the lungs, and users can choose between two or three flavors.

They can also be sold as vaping pens and vaporizers, which use a battery to heat liquid to inhale.

The FDA has not approved e-smokes for use in the United States, but many states have introduced regulations that allow vaping on school property and in restaurants.

Dr Bitt said that while the study found e -cigarette users are healthier than nonsmokers, there is still some room for improvement.”

Our study shows that e -cig users have lower risk of death and smoking- related illness compared to nonsmoking adults.

However, there are still some issues with e -cigs, such as low nicotine levels and the potential for nicotine to be absorbed through skin,” she told the AP.”

E-cigarette use by current smokers is also a public health concern because it may lead to nicotine absorption through skin.

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