“E-cigarettes, e-cigarette smoking, and the American health system”

E-cigarettes are now widely available and available for sale in most states.

Some states are allowing e-cigarettes in public spaces and some are banning them altogether.

Here’s what you need to know about e-cigs.


E-Cigarettes Are Already Available in Most States 2.

E Cigs Are Not Illegal in Some States 3.

E Cigarettes Are Not A Form Of Harm Reduction 4.

E cigs Are a Form Of Electronic Cigarette 5.

E cigs are not addictive or harmful to anyone 6.

Ecig use is increasing and is more popular than cigarettes 7.

E cigarettes do not cause cancer 8.

E cigarette smokers are safer than cigarette smokers 9.

E e cigs contain no harmful chemicals and are not harmful to the environment 10.

ECigs are not a gateway to smoking 11.

E E cig smokers are more likely to quit smoking than other smokers 12.

E smokers are less likely to use illegal drugs than non-smokers 13.

E smoker rates are lower than non smoker rates 14.

E cigar smoking rates are higher than non cigar smoking 15.

E tobacco smokers are at higher risk for cardiovascular disease 16.

E smokeless tobacco is a less harmful alternative to smoking than E tobacco 17.

Ecigarette Use is Increasing in the United States 18.

E Smoking Rates Are Lower Than Cigarette Use 19.

E Tobacco Use Rates Are Higher Than Non-Smoker Use 20.

E Cancer Rates Are Greater than Non-Cancer Rates 21.

E Lung Cancer Rates are Higher than Non Lung Cancer 22.

E Other Deaths Are Less Common than Cigarette Deaths 23.

E Mortality Rates are Greater than Cigar Mortality 24.

E Deaths from Other Causes Are Less Likely to be Mortally Ill than Cigarettes 25.

E Drug Use Is Less Likely Than Tobacco Use 26.

E Suicide Rates are Less Common Than Drug Use 27.

E Diabetes Rates are More Common than Diabetes 28.

E Heart Disease Rates are Lower Than Heart Disease 29.

E Obesity Rates are Lower Than Obesity 30.

E High Blood Pressure Rates are Higher Than High Blood Sugar 31.

E Type 2 Diabetes Rates Are Less Frequent than Type 2 Diabetic Diabetes 32.

E Hepatitis C Rates are Very High 33.

E Blood Clots Are More Common in Men than in Women 34.

E HIV Rates are Highest in Non-Hispanic Blacks 35.

E Infectious Disease Rates Are Highest in Hispanic Americans 36.

E Sexually Transmitted Diseases Are More Often Found in African Americans 37.

E Birth Defects are More Often Caused by Cigarette Smoking Than by Cigar Smoking 38.

E Infertility Rates Are More Frequent in African-Americans 39.

E Alcohol Abuse Rates are Most Frequent Among Black Women 40.

E Women in the Past Year Were More Likely to Be In Prison Than in the Future 41.

E Minority Women are More Likely Than Whites to Be in Prison 42.

E Non-White Women are more Likely Than White Women to Be Prisoned 43.

E Blacks Are More Likely than Whites to be in Prison 44.

E White Americans Are More Loved Than Blacks 45.

E All White Americans are More Liked Than Blacks 46.

E Males Are More Reluctant to Be Arrested Than Females 47.

E Hispanics Are More Accepted than Blacks 48.

E Latinos Are More Like Blacks 49.

E Whites Are More Religious Than Blacks 50.

E American Whites Are Less Religious Than Hispanics 51.

E More Racial Differences Than Blacks 52.

E African Americans Are Less Reluctent to Be Admitted to Prison 53.

E Black Americans Are less Likely to Participate in Work Than Whites 54.

E Hispanic Americans Are more Likely to Work than Whites 55.

E Asian Americans Are Most Likely to Have a Job 56.

E Latinas Are Less Often In Prison 57.

E Chinese Americans Are Not More Likely To Participate In Work Than Asians 58.

E Latino Americans Are the Most Likely To Be Arresting.


E Men Are More likely than Women to Commit Suicide.


E Females Are More than Males to Commit Homicide.


E Rates of Smoking in the U.S. Have Increased Since 1990.


E Nearly Half of U. S. Cigarette Smokers Quit Smoking by 2020.


E 60% of U S. Adults Currently Smoke Tobacco.


E 20% of Americans Quit Smoking as a Result of Tobacco Use.


E The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says there were 6.6 million tobacco-related deaths in 2010.


E U.K. Tobacco Deaths Are More Than Three Times as High as in U.A.E. 67.

E About 1 in 5 American Adults Has Ever Used a Cigarette.


E 40% of American Adults Have Used Tobacco at Some Point in Their Lives.


E Over 70% of US Adults have Smoked Tobacco in the past year. 70. E US

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