The top five countries that buy e cigarettes

A new survey by British e cigarette company eCigarette Refills has revealed the top five markets where the company sells its products.

The eCigs brand is a hit with British smokers and is often seen as the UK’s most affordable alternative to traditional cigarettes.

It’s currently available in Britain and the Netherlands, though sales are falling in the US.

In its latest report, eCiggarette Refill revealed that UK consumption of e-cigarettes had risen from 16.2 million in March 2016 to 27.3 million in June this year.

That’s a 7.2% rise in a period of three years.

It’s not all good news, however.

Sales in the UK fell in the months after the launch of eCuggies flagship product, the e-cigarette called “E-cigarette Lite”, which is not a e-cig.

The company said that the surge in sales was caused by the popularity of ecigarettes as a form of nicotine replacement therapy.

E-cigarettes are still the most popular form of tobacco use in the country, according to the British Lung Foundation.

The new figures show that sales in the United Kingdom were also down from the previous quarter.

However, e-cigs remain popular in countries such as Germany, France, Italy and the United States.

“The new data shows the eCIG group continues to grow as it has continued to launch and expand its portfolio of premium and premium-quality e-liquid brands,” said Steve Rundle, eLiquid and Tobacco CEO.

“However, in order to ensure the continued growth of our business, we are continuing to focus on providing consumers with the very best e-juice brands.”

The e-Cigs flagship product is the E-cigarette LITE, which has a nicotine strength of 8mg and is sold at a cost of $10.50.

This means it costs the company $1.23 to buy a pack of three e-liquids, according eCitts data.

However this could rise as eCagig is now selling a premium range of products for around $20.

In June this season, the company launched its new premium range, “E Cigarettes Lite”, for $15.

This means the price of a pack is now $12.95.

This will add up to a $16.65 saving on the total price of the products. 

The premium range includes two flavours, “Premium Plus” and “Premium Classic”, which are priced at $15, $25 and $35 respectively.

However the “E cig Lite” flavours are currently available only in the Netherlands.

In August, eMule announced plans to roll out its e-smoking platform in the U.K. in the same month that it launched in the rest of the UK.

“We have been able to introduce a new e-mule product that offers the convenience of using a cigarette but at the same time offers the highest nicotine levels for a great deal on the market,” said eMules founder and CEO Adam Hough.

However, the new company is still only in talks with the U,K.

Government about selling the premium range.

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