e cigarette flip kart: ‘It will be a disaster for my kids’

When Eileen’s daughter, Katie, was a teenager, she took her first step toward her dream of owning a “flip kart” after a trip to a local shop.

“I was in the shop and they showed me a bike with a wheelie bar, so I took it home and I put it in my room and I was like, ‘This is going to be my dream,'” Eileen recalls.

“When I was 16, I took my daughter to a dealership, and they bought a flip karts for me.”

Katie is now a certified instructor in car safety and is currently working on her first e cigarette.

“If I can make a car like this, I want to make it to the top,” she says.

“It will just make me happy to have my daughter on board.”

Eileen is no stranger to e cigarettes.

“In 2011, I started smoking an e cigarette when I was 19, because it was so much easier to smoke when I could smoke a cigarette,” she explains.

“You’re just sitting there, just chilling in your room.

It’s the first time I smoked an e-cigarette.

It was so hard to smoke a traditional cigarette, and the first e-cigarettes that I’ve tried have been terrible.”

But she says the vaping community is starting to take notice.

“There are people who are making the e-cigs as much fun as smoking cigarettes,” she adds.

“They’re actually giving their customers something to enjoy.”

Katie says she was surprised by the amount of attention she received from other e cigarette users.

“My friends have told me that people were just so impressed with how fun it was that they decided to try it,” she recalls.

Eileen also started using an e cigarettes at home as a way to keep her children from having to get their own cigarettes.

She said she found that it helped her children to relax and feel more in control.

“With my kids, it was much easier,” she said.

“As soon as you start vaping, you’re like, oh my God, I can breathe better.

It makes me feel better.”

Katie said she is also starting to get used to vaping at home.

“Because my kids are young, they like to be around me,” she explained.

“And so I’ve started to let them go to the shops to vape.”

She also encourages her young children to try e cigarettes as a form of entertainment.

“One day I’m going to go back to school and I’m taking them to a vape store,” she laughs.

“That will be my big dream, so hopefully I can do that.”

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