Which e-cigarettes are worth it for smokers?

The newest version of a battery-operated cigarette called the e-cigarette has become the hottest new thing on the market in India, as its sales soared more than 5,000% in the past year.

It has been touted as a safer alternative to conventional cigarettes, which can be deadly for bystanders and cause cancer, but it’s also been hailed as a gateway to nicotine-free nicotine e-cigs that can help smokers quit.

“It’s been a big jump,” said Rishi Bhandari, who runs a website called E-Cigarettes, a cigarette-free website.

“It’s a big opportunity to get people vaping.

We’ve seen huge growth in sales in India.”

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the country is the world’s third-largest e-cig market, with sales of nearly 2 billion cigarettes a year.

More than 30 million people are estimated to be using them.

“We have a huge opportunity here,” said Vijay Goel, a former Indian diplomat and former adviser to India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, who is also the CEO of India’s largest e-commerce company.

“India is the largest market in the world, so we are at a very pivotal moment.”

India’s e-Cigs have attracted the attention of some big players in the e-$2 billion industry.

Last week, e-liquid maker Jollibee, a unit of China’s eKart Group, partnered with two Indian companies to create a joint venture, which will be used to distribute and market its e-juice.

Indian e-smokers have also started making their own e-liquids.

The success of the ejuice has been helped by the eCigarette Challenge, a global initiative to help people quit.

It’s been spearheaded by Dr. David Heyman, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and director of the Harvard Lung Foundation.

Heyman said he hopes the success of eCigs will open the door for other products that have a similar effect.

“The most important thing is that people are trying it and that it works,” he said.

“This is a really interesting opportunity to help smokers.

If people are going to get hooked on e-ejuices, there are a lot of other products out there that work.”

Dr. Bhandar said the challenge is similar to the one that Dr. Heymann and Dr. Bhatia faced when they started their e-Juice Challenge.

Dr. Goodall is also part of the E-Juices team.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the eLiquid Challenge is going to be a game changer,” Dr. Badshah said.

He’s hoping the eJuice challenge will spur more people to try it.

Dr. Badhah said he is hoping the success will help people see the benefits of e-tobacco substitutes.

He also said the eJoint venture will help companies like Jollibe to market and sell products in India.

“I think we are in a golden age for e-vaping,” he told Bloomberg.

“People are getting their first taste of it, they are experimenting, and there are lots of opportunities out there.

We’re seeing a lot more innovation and experimentation in the industry.

I think that’s going to lead to a lot bigger opportunities.”

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