Irish Government to ‘go green’ on e-cigarettes

The Irish Government has said it will “go green” on e -cigarettes in the wake of a major public health scare.

In a statement released today, Health Minister James Reilly said it was “extremely important” for the country to be “very clear” about what e-cigarette products are and what they contain.

It is important to get this right, Mr Reilly said.

The Minister also said that Ireland’s tobacco control policy “is not a silver bullet” and that “no one is going to be cured of smoking”.

He added that it is “very important that the public understand that there is no smoking cessation programme in Ireland and the only thing we are going to do is try to help people quit”.

The Irish Independent reports: “It is essential that the Government takes the lead in the development of effective public health strategies to tackle this major public Health concern, Mr Murphy said.”

It is absolutely vital that we do this in the context of a robust tobacco control programme which we are confident we can successfully deliver.

“This is the best way to go.

However, some critics have warned that e-cigs pose a “huge threat” to public health.”

It will mean the Irish Government is going green in the e-cig market and I am confident that this will be the case.”

However, some critics have warned that e-cigs pose a “huge threat” to public health.

The Irish Times reported that the Irish Medical Association (IMA) said that the use of e-bikes “can have a profound effect on public health”.

The organisation said that e cigs can cause “excessive use and harm to individuals and communities” as well as contribute to a “poverty trap” for many young people.

It also pointed out that “e-cigarette e-liquid contains nicotine, a chemical linked to lung cancer and death”.

A report by the Health Promotion Committee, a think tank, published last year concluded that e cigarettes “are not a ‘safe’ alternative to tobacco cigarettes”.

The report concluded that “the current health warnings are inaccurate and overstated, and the risks are extremely real”.

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