What’s your favorite flavor of e cigarettes?

e cigs are the most popular e cigarette in the world, with the world’s largest consumer market.

They’re now widely used by people across the globe, and their popularity has grown steadily since they were first introduced in 2009.

The e cig is a disposable device that delivers a nicotine delivery system to your e-cigarette by way of a cartridge or tank.

You then inhale nicotine-containing liquids, and inhale smoke, which produces a vapour.

The vaping is usually done in a home or office, but some people prefer to use their own equipment.

But there’s a huge difference between the two: e cig batteries are much smaller and lighter than their traditional cigarette counterparts, and can be used on-the-go, while cigarettes can be smoked in your pocket.

We’ve put together a list of the top e cig flavors, which you can use to help decide which e cig to buy.


Blueberry Tart – $3.99 (E-liquid) Blueberry tart is one of the most well-known flavors in the e cig world.

It’s a rich and slightly sweet tart, with notes of cream, vanilla and cinnamon.

It can be found in many popular e cig brands, including Tmall, Vaporspot, and other popular brands like eGo.


Strawberry Flavor – $2.49 (E liquid) Strawberry is a very popular flavor in e cig’s, and is often found in top e-cig brands.

Strawberry tart is a fruity and light tart that is popular with smokers who want a taste of berries without the artificial flavorings.


Strawberry Shortcake – $4.99 (E liquid, $2 a piece) Strawberry shortcake is a sweet and light fruity flavor that has become popular for its strong strawberry taste.

Its a great addition to an all-day vape for those who enjoy a fruite flavor, or even just want to add some sweetness to their vape.


Strawberry Punch – $7.99 The Strawberry Punch is a strawberry and lime flavored e cigarette.

The flavor is described as a “grapefruit-flavored, minty flavor that is light and fruity”.


Peachy Flavor -$5.99 Peachy is a bright and refreshing flavor that comes from a variety of fruits, such as strawberries, strawberries and mangoes.

It is a classic e cig flavor that can be enjoyed alongside its strawberry counterpart.


Lemonade – $5.49 Lemonade is a refreshing lemon-flavor e cigarette flavor.

It has a lemon taste to it, but it is not overly sweet and is more of a refreshing flavor for the sensitive palate.


Lemon Lime – $6.49 This lemon-lime flavor is a simple lemon flavor that will help you kick back after a long day at the office.


Orange – $8.49 Orange is another popular flavor for e cig users, as it is often paired with strawberry, strawberries, mangoes, and pineapple.


Strawberry Pie – $10.99 Strawberry pie is a fresh strawberry flavor that gives you a rich taste without being overly sweet.


Blue Currant – $9.99 Blue currant is another strawberry flavor, but is more commonly paired with orange.


Strawberry Pudding – $11.99 This strawberry-y flavor is usually paired with mango or pineapple.


Lemon Mango – $13.99 Lemon mango is another Strawberry flavor that also comes in many different flavors.


Lime – $13.49 Lime is a fruit from the citrus family, which is a family of fruits with bright orange or red-orange skin and bright green fruit.

It tastes like an orange soda.


Banana – $14.99 Banana is another of the strawberry flavors, but also one of many banana flavors that are available in many e cig companies’ lines.


Strawberry Lime -$15.99  Strawberry lime is a lighter version of strawberry, and it is typically paired with a pineapple or mango flavor.


Raspberry – $17.49 Raspberry is a popular strawberry flavor in many flavors, and in some brands, the raspberry flavor is the only one that is present.


Lemon Peach – $19.99 You can find raspberry flavors in many other flavors, such the raspberry mocha, raspberry peach, strawberry raspberry, and strawberry banana.


Strawberry Banana -$19.49 Strawberry Banana is a banana flavor, and has a slightly sweet taste to them.


Orange Cream – $20.99 Orange cream is another fruit that is often used in e cigarette’s.


Raspberry Cream –  $21.99 Raspberry cream is a cream flavor that you can find in many juices.


Orange Tangerine – $24.99 Tangerines are an orange flavor that came to popular fame in the early 2000s.

They have a sweet,

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