How to quit smoking e cigarette and vaping

The first e cigarette on sale in Australia, and one of the first to be marketed to kids, is now on sale.

The Smoking Help website says the e-cigarette “has the potential to revolutionise the way people quit smoking”.

The company behind the e cigarette, Tobacco Cloud, is calling it the “next generation of smoking cessation technology”.

“This innovative product offers a new way to help smokers quit and quit more successfully than ever before,” the website says.

The product comes in a three-pack with a 30-day battery life and can be used by people who want to quit.

It’s designed to help users reduce their cigarette use by 15 to 20 cigarettes a day, compared to about one pack a day for people who smoke at least three packs a day.

Smoking Help says the device is safer and more effective than current nicotine replacement therapy treatments, such as patches, gum and inhalers.

“We believe this is the first product to have an extensive scientific study conducted to validate the efficacy of the product and also provide evidence of its potential as a safe, low-risk smoking cessation method,” the company says.

Tobacco Cloud’s product uses a specially designed e-cig battery, which is made by a company called VapeSmart, and is made from a polymer material called neoprene.

The e-cigarettes come in three flavours: e-liquid, e-juice and e-powdered e-liquids.

They are available in a range of flavours, including tobacco-free and tobacco-derived flavours.

The company says the battery can be charged at home or in public places and has a lifetime warranty.

Toby Allen, the CEO of Tobacco Cloud says the company has developed a “robust and proven technology to deliver the best smoking cessation product available”.

“It is incredibly exciting to be able to share this breakthrough technology with the world at this moment in time,” Mr Allen says.

“With the right combination of research, technology and product, we believe we have the best chance to offer the most effective smoke-free alternative available today.”

The company will be rolling out more flavours of the e cigarettes in the coming weeks.

Toshiba says it has been working with researchers to create the e nicotine replacement, which it says has the potential for “revolutionising” smoking cessation treatment.

“The tobacco cloud is the world’s first, fully functional e nicotine delivery device that delivers nicotine via e-smoke and a battery, making it the world first to deliver nicotine through a direct vapor,” Toshiba says.

It is available to buy now.

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