The e-cigarettes are coming to Britain

The UK’s first e-cig shop has opened in London, but it is not just customers ordering online.

The UK is the first country in the world to have a retail outlet dedicated to selling e-cigs.

E-cigarette vendor Cool e Cigarettes has opened a shop in the heart of the capital, London’s Docklands district.

“We have been running a shop for three years now and have a strong relationship with our customers and we want to give them the best opportunity to find a vape product in the UK,” said the shop owner, Matt McLean.

Cool e Cigarette has been operating since December last year and now has more than 700 customers.

In recent months, Cool e cigs online sales have doubled and it has expanded into more retail outlets.

They are currently selling e cig kits, e cig pens and a range of flavours.

But in recent weeks, sales have been slowing.

Sales of e cig packs have been dropping in recent months due to competition from other e-liquid brands and e-juice makers.

Mr McLean said his aim is to provide a smooth, easy and affordable way to buy e cig products in the capital.

It has been a hard year for e-liquids, which have struggled with competition from cheaper brands.

As a result, many brands are looking to diversify their business.

A number of e-Liquid brands are also expanding in the market, such as e-Liquids by Vape Labs, eLiqui-Juice and eLix.

Many e-Cigarette manufacturers have started to sell their own products in Britain.

However, the e-Pill, the first e liquid vape device in the country, has been delayed after a patent application was rejected by the Patent Office.

Vaporizers have been the biggest casualty of the Brexit vote, with more than a quarter of smokers switching to vaping since the referendum.

There is also a lack of regulation for e cig companies in Britain, with some states such as England and Wales imposing restrictions.

This could mean there are a lot of new competitors in the vaping market, and potentially the e cig industry could suffer from a lack and lack of regulatory oversight.

Some e-smokers are not happy with e cig flavours, with e-Juices like Smokespot and Smokey Smokes costing £10 a pack, while others prefer to buy flavourless flavours like Blue Smoke.

One e-vape enthusiast, who goes by the name of “Bacon”, said that while he likes the taste of e juice, he was not happy to pay that much for e cigarette flavours.

“I think that some of the flavours are quite sweet and I don’t like it, but that is my personal preference and I just don’t want to pay more for that,” he said.

He added that some e-pills are not quite as good as others.

According to the E-cigarette industry website, more than one in five people in Britain vape.

And according to the British Lung Foundation, e-smoking has tripled since 2015 and there are nearly 2 million people who smoke.

While vaping is growing, the UK’s e-colleagues are worried that it could not keep pace with the rising popularity of e cigarettes.

“E-cigarettes have been on the rise in recent years, so it is clear that vaping will continue to be an important way of smoking in the future,” said Dr John Griffiths, a professor of public health at King’s College London.

Dr Griffiths said that e- cigarettes are becoming more popular because they are cheaper, less harmful and less addictive than smoking traditional cigarettes.

Although there are no definitive statistics on the number of smokers in the US, the country is now home to the largest percentage of e cigarette users in the developed world, with about 30 per cent of the adult population consuming e-tobacco products.

So the rise of e cigs and e cigarettes is not going unnoticed.

Despite this, e cigarettes are still banned in the United States and many countries in Europe.

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