Liquide e cigarettes to become ‘vibe’ brand

Liquide e Cigarettes (LVC) is set to become a ‘vibes’ brand after announcing a deal with E-cigarette manufacturer Njoy.LVC CEO Chris Coughlan said Njoy has made a “major investment” in the company, which is a part of Njoy’s VIBE brand.

He said that Njoy will be the official retailer of Liquide E Cigarettes.

Liquide E cigarettes will be launched in 2018, but will be made available by a third party as a ‘Vibe’ product.

Coughlan added that NJoy was “very excited” to partner with Liquide in the development of the brand, saying that they had been in talks with Liquides “ownership team for some time” and “they are very confident in the product we are making”.

The Liquide brand is designed to appeal to both young adults and adults aged 25 to 54, who want to get into vaping.

It will also appeal to those who want a more traditional and “premium” vape experience.

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The company’s statement said: “The Vibe brand is a great opportunity for us to expand our global reach, with our first major rollout in the UK starting in 2018.

This will help us reach an even wider audience of young adults.”

The company has a long history of innovation in the e-cigarette market and the LVC will be developing the first LVC brand with Njoy, which will include the latest and greatest technologies to ensure it delivers on the promise of this innovative product.

“We look forward to seeing the excitement and passion of our customers around our brand as we deliver our vision to them and are proud to be a part in the Vibe franchise.”

A spokesperson for Njoy said they were “extremely proud” of Liquides brand and said:”We have been looking at the market for many years and we are very excited to be partnering with Liquice E Cigarette to help us develop and launch the new Liquide line of e-cigarettes.”

A spokesman for NJoy said:We are delighted to be working with Liquids E Ciging to expand the Liquide portfolio to include the new line of products.

The new line will deliver a premium experience for our customers and will be a true innovation in e-liquid innovation.

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